photos from fiji by christopher robbins

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10-112 Things I made inspired by seeing Shane Cotton's exhibit last month in Aukland
13-27The Media centre had a christmas party near Sigatoka
18-19Black Santa
21Kite Surfing is this Franck Martin?)
24-27We ate lovo (cooked underground) for christmas dinner
28Fabrice says "Throw your coke bottles in the Ocean!"
29The painting we shoulda bought
30The lucky (and smart) couple* who got it
31-32The morning of our outrigger regatta, a temporary amusement park in Suva hadn't opened yet, so I took photos of the abandoned place in the grey rain
33OP Girls
34Our beautiful boat
35This is just before I learned all too bluntly that funneling vodka-juice without rehydrating after a 15km paddle is... painful.
38-39Look how different Shelly looks with her hair in front and not.
41-74Christmas in Taveuni with Pat and Fab
41The view from our bue at Karyn's Garden
47-48Those mosquito coils are cool, especially in a teapot
56Notre Serviteur loves all his pretty cards in Solo.
57"oh he is such a foolish serviteur"
59-66Bouma Waterfall (pretty but overpriced)
67-68We drank mate continuosly
74We played Solo and ate pizza under cover from the rain until the plane came our last day in Taveuni
75-86Up the king's road to nananu-i-ra
75-76Cows blocked us
77Sometimes the bridges were freaky
80-86Kontiki resort on Nananu-i-ra Island
*censored by Shelly
December 2004: Shelly arrived in Fiji! Christmas came and went. We had a laddish time with Pat and Fab in Taveuni, cursing in French and amusing ourselves by being better than everyone else. Patricia told us an incredible story about Frogs and the road. Fabrice told one about Frogs and a ski-slope.

I played loads of guitar on Nananu-i-ra, and genuinely chilled, but the cockroaches were gross. And it sucked when I dumped ketchup (why do they have to call it Tomata Sauce?!?!?!) into what was simmering into a wonderful eggplant and onion pasta sauce. I threw a willie nelson tape out of my car and into a river whilst driving over a bridge on the way down the king's road, and I really like him.

Back in Taveuni, I let Fabrice fall to what looked like his demise on a river. He looked really white when he hit the bottom. I felt bad, but honestly, I thought he wanted to go headfirst. Oops and sorry. It rained alot in Taveuni, but we had fun. The last day snorkleing it was getting towards dusk and I had just caught three waves back to shore when I look back to see fabrice waving his arms at me, "Shark!"

So I rushed back to see, got there out of breath to see a small black-tip reef shark circling us. Then a wave crashed me into Fabrice and we both tumbled and my mask got knocked off and even though the shark is a docile one and half my size I remember thinking that the only time blacktips bite humans is when they get confused, usually in the foamy stuff when they can't see.

I was having difficulties catching my breath when we surfaced.

But it was cool. I like sharks. They're cool.

I remember the cake at the airport in Taveuni was really good. Karyn's garden was fun to cook our own food at, but perhpas not out-there enough. When Fabrice and I (and Patricia part way) hiked up Des Vouex peak, it was pouring rain and steep and muddy and genuinely COLD. Patricia sat in the mud by the side of the road half way up, and was - to our absolute amazement - still there when we got back 2 hours later. Some Fijian boys joined up. We saw that famous flower of Taveuni, and mucnhed processed cheese on crackers with the boys in the fiji telecom building to hide from the wind and rain. It was so cloudy we saw nothing but grey. Couldn't even tell we were high up. That happened to me on Mt. Victoria too. So I have climbed the two highest peaks of fiji and seen nothing both times.

Do I sound like I am complaining? I'm not.

So, next month is next year. Quelle excitement awaits.

All photos © Christopher Robbins. me if you want to use these for something, as I also have high-res versions, and more.

photos from fiji by christopher robbins