photos from fiji by christopher robbins

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10-12Boat ride out to scuba near Beqa
12This isn't blackmail b/c you can't see her face
14-15Tennis in Suva with Lights!
16Angel and Devil, respectively
17-20String Figures from the Pacific
21-43Fixing up the boat to be 1
21Luke (pronounced LooKAY) looking cool as a cuke as usual
22-25Closeups of a tractor at the Marine Studies Program at USP
26-28How come I don't look as cool as him?
30-32More of the tractor
33-35The workshop: the broom is nice, innit?
41-43Almost there
44Sundown at the Lighthouse2
47She looks exactly as she was acting that night.
48-49Getting jiggy on the faux-birthday girl.
50Billy thinks he's Milo Man!
51That xerox would make the best CD cover!
52Another wierd cover from that Hindi store
53-53PUBES! Sureally!
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1So not only did Luke teach me how to surf (with the effervescent Kalisi sharing the smiling blame as well), but he taught me how to fiberglass too! While it doesn't rate to surfing, it seems a useful skill for a boy who's surfing "style" (if you could call it that) will probably result in a lot of surfboard repairs. And never mind boat fixes. Can you say cyber-boy finally gets his hands dirty with something other than pixels and seawater? And can you say talking about oneself in the third person is salacious? As is misusing words? Anyway, be sure to check out the Evening of Surreal Games for some pubes!

2So this place is nicely situated on the water, though the food is nothing special. But that doesn't mean they deserve which they get. First, they get burnt down during the coup, although the graffiti and resulting pics are gorgeous. Anyway, they finally re-open, 3 years after the coup, and 3 weeks later they get robbed! But what was funny was that they got robbed during a function, so everyone was drunk, and they started throwing beer bottles at the masked, machete-weilding men. One guy even ran out and threw a chair (terrible, misbalanced tall stools) at the getaway car! Gotta love Fiji Love!

Anyway, this month was busy, with trying to spend my grant money in time to go to my wedding, and finally figuring out some ways to quantify the slippery stuff my research project has slid into. I didn't get out of Suva much, as I wanted to make a good first impression on the Tafaga paddle team, as I will be away for awhile. Lots of "as". The scuba near Beqa (Caesar's Rocks with beqa Divers: $FJ 75 for a two tank dive!) was the first time I was impressed by Scuba. Underwater tunnels fringed with white soft coral, backlit as the sun poured through the opening of the tunnel, looking like Really Trippy Snow. The Beqa trip was the definitive "yes my life is good" moment of the month. Even better than when I jolted out of my intensity for a moment to notice that i was, in fact, paddling an outrigger canoe with a bunch of islanders through waves and rain - GOTTA FUCKIN LOVE IT- because I was not in pain at Beqa. Read it again. Yes. See, now? So, that question was unnecesary, wonnit?

Alot of good-bye's this month. And new beginnings. I guess this is part of being an expat.

See ya soonish.

All photos © Christopher Robbins. me if you want to use these for something, as I also have high-res versions, and more.

photos from fiji by christopher robbins